Legal Software & The Cloud Were Made For Each Other

In recent years we have seen a surge of smartphones acting as laptops and laptops acting as desktops as today’s workers continue to spend more time outside of the office rather than at their desks.

As this trend of accessing information from anywhere at all hours continues to spread, it is becoming more important that businesses across all vertical markets, including legal, consider adopting technology solutions like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

In the legal industry, VDI can be a “case winning” solution, as it is an Internet-based hosted desktop service that allows employees, using appropriate security precautions, to access and save their information away from their desktop or laptop systems.

Much of lawyers’ work is done while traveling, at home after hours, or in the courtroom between proceedings—i.e., locations that have traditionally made remote work more difficult due to clunky interfaces and limited access. Having secure, on-the-go access to their work environments and assets can prove a vital tool to increase effectiveness and streamline their work, regardless of where they’re working.

VDI affords your law firm many new possibilities, offering the flexibility to adjust firm resources based on the users’ needs. Of course, centralized desktop and application management and on-the-go efficiency sound like a dream come true—and they often are. But how do you know which cloud hosting provider is right for your firm?

vDesktop brings the gavel down when deciding which VDI solution is best for your legal practice. As fully managed Virtual Desktops, from operating system updates to hardware upgrades to patch maintenance to system resource monitoring, everything is handled by us.

We also take care of the data backups, disaster recovery, and give assurance of 99.9% guaranteed uptime. With our Virtual Desktops, you can take online all your favorite legal applications like Rocket Matter, LexisNexis, ProLaw, Logikcull, Clio, MyCase and many more.

What Does Legal Software Look Like In Cloud?

Do you see that funky diagram below? That’s what the cloud looks like. The grey items are company devices like computers, laptops and smart phones. They connect to our cloud servers (which we call vDesktop) which is represented in red. This is where your legal software is hosted.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Transition To The Cloud?

You lose a competitive edge.

Even if your on-premise legal solution seems “just fine” right now, the world of legal software is changing and it’s important for your business to keep up. Not adopting cloud based technologies today will only hurt your ability to grow your business tomorrow. The cloud is the future.

While the transition to the cloud may seem daunting at first, it’s a lot easier than you think. And we’re here to help! Our team will be happy to answer any questions to help make the transition as easy as possible.

Why Should I Choose vDesktop Cloud?

Good question. We’ve built our cloud infrastructure from the ground up and we focus on three primary things:

What Legal Software Works With vDesktop Cloud?

Currently, vDesktop offers the perfect VDI environment for legal research, information and workflow solutions for legal professionals & law firms, supporting top industry applications such as: Rocket Matter, LexisNexis, ProLaw, Logikcull, Clio, MyCase and many more.

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